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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Smedsrud, Marthe Emmeline Secretary Library
Picture of Signy Rose Soelberg Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47-22852192 45243100 +47 45243100 Library, EndNote, Reference Manager, Courses, Literature search, Loan, Web publishing
Stangeby, Ivar Haugaløkken Executive Officer Library
Stangeland, Elin Adviser +47-22844020 Library, Open Access, DUO, FRITT
Picture of Lene Steen Steen, Lene Sekretær Library
Picture of Karin Steffner Steffner, Karin Senior Librarian +47-22857155 Library, Academic supervision
Picture of Elisa Storchi Storchi, Elisa Senior Librarian +47-22844329 Library, Cataloguing, Classfication, Reference work, Slavic languages, Baltic languages
Storchi, Elisa Senior Librarian +47-22844329 Library
Picture of Arve Storvik Storvik, Arve Section Manager +47-22854786 +47-92284413 Library
Picture of Arve Storvik Storvik, Arve Section Manager +47-22854786 +47-92284413 Library, Local IT support
Picture of Pher-M Strandh Strandh, Pher-M Secretary Library, Bibliotek
Picture of Ingerid Straume Straume, Ingerid Senior Academic Librarian +47-22844269 Library
Picture of Ove Sundby Sundby, Ove Senior Librarian +47-23074465 Library, Oslo universitetssykehus, Research support
Picture of Ragnhild Sundsbak Sundsbak, Ragnhild Academic Librarian +47-22854708 Library
Picture of Anne Sæbø Sæbø, Anne Senior Academic Librarian +47-22844025 Library, Nordic languages
Picture of Solveig Isis Sørbø Sørbø, Solveig Isis Adviser +47-22852441 45095002 Library, Research support, special collections, knowledge organization, Zotero, EndNote, Events, Interdisciplinarity
Picture of Sigve Sørland Sørland, Sigve Senior Librarian +47-22844240 Library, Cataloguing
Picture of Marit Sørlie Sørlie, Marit Senior Librarian +47-91357651 Library, Databases, E-journals, E-books
Picture of Marte Jørgensdatter Søyland Søyland, Marte Jørgensdatter Senior Librarian +47-22117590 Library, EndNote, Literature search, Reference Manager, Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Tor  Torhaug Torhaug, Tor On leave Library
Picture of Tor Andreas Torhaug Torhaug, Tor Andreas Senior Librarian +47-22856537 90838177 +47 90838177 Library
Picture of Ragnhild Gotaas Torvik Torvik, Ragnhild Gotaas Higher Executive Officer +47-22857795 Library, Bibliotek
Picture of Torbjørn Troldmyr Troldmyr, Torbjørn Head Engineer +47-95002844 Library, Local IT support
Turlotte, Chloè Senior Librarian +47 93941101 Library
Tveiten, Kyrre Hellevang Secretary +47-99056789 Library, Bibliotek