Printing, copying and scanning

The library has a copy room with two printers and two copy machines. Students who have paid the copy fee can print from the computers with personal login.

To use the copy machines you have to buy a copy card at the university bookstore, Akademika.

It is also possible to scan and listen to CDs at one of the computer stations.


Standard settings are two-sided printing at the UiO. If you wish to print on one side go to Print - Properties - Finishing. Deselect Print on both side.

If a long time passes without your print appearing then you should check the print queue before trying to print the document again. The printing queue is shown at a screen in the copying room.

Possible causes of printing problems:

  1. You have lost contact with the printer: Check the name of the printer. If it says Microsoft Office, then you must choose the printer manually. The name of our printer is \\winprint\bugge.
  2. You have spent your print quota: On this page you can learn how to check your quota: Help with print quota. Read more about Buying printouts.
  3. There is something wrong with the server, the printers are empty of paper: Contact the library staff.


The copyright law allows copying for personal use. The library has two copy machines which can be used if you have a copy card.

Copy cards can be bought at the university bookstore, Akademika or at the post office at Bunnpris. 


The library has a scanner at the computer station next to the reference desk. It is possible to convert scanned material to text, or to scan in PDF-format, see instructions. This computer can also be used to burn CDs, or listen to CDs.



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