Study areas and group study rooms

The library has 320 individual study spaces, 10 group study rooms and 77 computer stations.


Individual study spaces

160 of the individual study spaces have outlets for laptops.

The library has a zone with 36 flexible work stations.

Study spaces can not be reserved in advance, but you can leave your spot up to 4 hours if you leave a note of absence.


Group study rooms

The library has 10 group study rooms marked with Greek letters.

There are no reservations.

A room can not be reserved by leaving clothes, books etc. It must be occupied by someone working there. An empty room can be cleared and taken into use by someone else.

Computer stations

The library has 77 computer stations. The computers have different setups:

Stationary computers
Computers marked with red are for personal log in. Contact Student-IT at the faculty if you don't know your username and password. Guest students receive user access from their department.

Computers marked with green are for searching in the library catalog Oria. Free printouts can be collected at the desk.

Computers marked with yellow are for searching in Oria and surfing on UiOs webpages without personal log in. No access to external bases. No acces to printer.

Work spaces for portable computers
 Spaces marked with black have outlets for laptops.

Guide to access the wireless network at UiO.



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