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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kari Elisabeth Helliesen Helliesen, Kari Elisabeth Senior Librarian +47-22845887 Library
Helverschou, Kathinka Secretary Library
Picture of Hilde Kristin Hem Hem, Hilde Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47-22844282 93415280 Library, Loan
Picture of Marta G. E. Herkenhoff Herkenhoff, Marta G. E. Senior Librarian +47-22859884 Library, Cataloguing
Picture of Toril Marie Hestnes Hestnes, Toril Marie Senior Librarian +47-22117591 Library, Literature search, EndNote, Reference Manager, Databases
Picture of Linn Katrine Hirsti Hirsti, Linn Katrine Senior Librarian Library
Hoel, Ole Andreas Secretary +47-22851645 Library
Picture of Karin Holmen Holmen, Karin Senior Librarian +47-22856723
Holte, Ingrid Skurdal Secretary Library
Holte, Wenche Senior Librarian +47-22857164 Library
Picture of Ingrid Hougsrud Hougsrud, Ingrid Head Librarian +47-22854785 Library
Picture of Berit Sonja Hougaard Hougaard, Berit Sonja Head Librarian +47-22855102 Library, Literature search, Subject heading indexing
Picture of Ane Husstad-Nedberg Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47-22859162 Library, Korean, East Asia, South Asia
Picture of Hugo Christian Huurdeman Huurdeman, Hugo Christian Senior Academic Librarian +47-96710688 Bibliotek
Høyås, Trine Secretary Bibliotek
Ingebretsen, Espen Secretary Library, Bibliotek
Picture of Marie Susanna Isachsen Isachsen, Marie Susanna Senior Librarian +47-23027081 +47-22119495 Library, Literature search
Picture of Jim Vidding Isaksen Isaksen, Jim Vidding Higher Executive Officer +47-22844840 Library
Picture of Randi Halveg Iversby Iversby, Randi Halveg Assistant Director +47-22859491 +47-90182818 Library, Management
Iversen, Edel Camilla Senior Librarian +47-22859782 Library, Journals
Picture of José María Izquierdo Izquierdo, José María Senior Academic Librarian +47-22854749 Library
Jacobsen, Janne Senior Librarian +47-22844450 Library, Bibliotek
Jarsve, Kristine Thorkildsen Secretary Library
Picture of Berit Johansen Johansen, Berit Senior Librarian +47-91128885 Library, Loan, Cataloguing
Johansen, Ruth Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22859887 Library, Finance, Purchasing