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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anny Klafstad Klafstad, Anny Senior Librarian +47-22857165 Library
Picture of Øystein Johan Kleiven Kleiven, Øystein Johan Academic Librarian +47-22844239 Chinese, Library
Picture of Gunn Kleven Kleven, Gunn Senior Librarian +47-23074427 Information literacy, Library, Courses, Literature search
Klouman, Ellen Secretary Library
Picture of Unni Knutsen Knutsen, Unni Section Manager +47-22855673 95777978 Cataloguing, Classification, Library, Bibliographic work
Picture of Unni Knutsen Knutsen, Unni Section Manager +47-22855673 95777978 Cataloguing, Bibliographic work, Classification, Library
Picture of Anne Kolstø Kolstø, Anne Senior Librarian +47-22852123 loan, Library, Databases, Information literacy, Literature search, Courses
Picture of Heidi Sjursen Konestabo Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen Senior Academic Librarian +47-41294973 41294973 Biology, Toxicology, EndNote, Library, Climate and Environment, Zoology, Ecology
Picture of Halvor Kongshavn Kongshavn, Halvor Senior Adviser +47-22844079 +47-90514137 Library
Picture of Lembi Viola Kuldvere Kuldvere, Lembi Viola Senior Librarian +47-48288709 Course, Library, Cataloguing, Subject heading indexing
Picture of Live Håndlykken Kvale Kvale, Live Håndlykken Head Librarian 40047417 +47-40047417 Research data managment, Library
Picture of Pål Eiolf Kvarving Kvarving, Pål Eiolf Higher Executive Officer +47-22844233 Web publishing, Library, Loan
Kyrkjerud, Oda Secretary Library
Picture of Vibeke Lowzow Lagem Lagem, Vibeke Lowzow Senior Librarian +47-22850156 +47-91827429 Literature search, Loan, Alma, Library, Library guidance, Reminder
Picture of Hans Gunnar Slokvik Lian Lian, Hans Gunnar Slokvik Senior Librarian +47-22859709 +47-41474171 Programming, Teaching, Periodicals, Classification, Research support, Subject heading indexing, Zotero, Alma, Library, Acquisition, EndNote
Picture of Olaf Lie Lie, Olaf Librarian +47-22844222 +47-93440505 93440505 Loan, Library
Lien, Marianne Inez Academic Librarian +47-22858630 93009063 Library, Nordic languages
Picture of Gro Synnøve Nesland Lindgaard Lindgaard, Gro Synnøve Nesland Senior Librarian +47-22854029 Library, Cataloguing
Picture of Mariann Lund Lund, Mariann Senior Librarian +47-91244108 Literature search, EndNote, Library guidance, Journals, Library
Picture of Vibeke Stockinger Lundetræ Lundetræ, Vibeke Stockinger Senior Librarian +47-22855313 Subject heading indexing, Cataloguing, Library
Picture of Mari Lundevall Lundevall, Mari Head Librarian +47-22859886 Library, Bibliographic work
Picture of Pål Magnus Lykkja Lykkja, Pål Magnus Academic Librarian +47-22857150 Library
Picture of Ingebjørg Helgesen Lyngdal Lyngdal, Ingebjørg Helgesen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844003 Archives, Human resources administration, Library
Picture of Kirsti Løchsen Løchsen, Kirsti Administrative Manager +47-22852191 Library guidance, Administrative management, Library, Accounts
Picture of Anita Pedersen Lørdahl Lørdahl, Anita Pedersen Senior Executive Officer +47-22844069 Loan, Web editor, Courses, Library, Information literacy, Web publishing