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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Naomi Yabe Magnussen Magnussen, Naomi Yabe Senior Librarian +47-22844245 Library
Malovic, Ivana Førstebibliotekar +47-23074425 Library, Literature search, Courses, EndNote
Martinsson, Anna Christina Secretary Library, Bibliotek
Picture of Ann Margareth Midttvedt Midttvedt, Ann Margareth Spesialbibliotekar +47-22117592 Library, E-books, E-journals, Subject heading indexing, Cataloguing, Classification, Loan
Picture of Helge Mjelde Mjelde, Helge Assistant Director +47-23074424 40856670 Library, Administrative management
Picture of Karoline Moe Moe, Karoline Senior Academic Librarian 41122557 +47-41122557 Library, Mathematics, Algebraic Geometry, Research support
Picture of Ahmed Abdi Mohammed Mohammed, Ahmed Abdi Senioringeniør +47-22857256 Library
Picture of Anette Munthe Munthe, Anette Head Librarian +47-22844310 +47-99383824 Library, Cataloguing, Alma, Oria, E-books
Picture of Astrid Müller Müller, Astrid Senior Librarian +47-23074423 Library, Courses, Oria, International cooperation, Literature search
Neghabat, Nazanin Sadat Sekretær Library, Bibliotek
Nesheim, Carl André Higher Executive Officer +47-22854141 Library, Periodicals
Picture of Randi Cathinka Neverdal Neverdal, Randi Cathinka Subject Specialist +47-22855375 Library
Picture of Turid Høiberget Nilsen Nilsen, Turid Høiberget Senior Adviser +47-22857159 +47-41214515 Library
Picture of Dina Norborg Norborg, Dina Rådgiver +47-22857714 +47 90607331 Library, Web publishing, Communication, Internal communication, Web editor
Picture of Geir Nordanger Nordanger, Geir Hovedbibliotekar +47-22856621 Library, Alma, Oria
Nyland, Fredrik Secretary Library
Picture of Turid Næss Næss, Turid Senior Librarian +47-22857554 Library, Loan, Literature search
Picture of Hans Henrik Olsen Olsen, Hans Henrik Senior Executive Officer +47-22844246 Library, Loan
Picture of Britt Hilde Olsson Olsson, Britt Hilde Head Librarian +47-22856701 Library, Loan, Literature search
Picture of Henrik Keyser Pedersen Pedersen, Henrik Keyser Senior Academic Librarian +47-22856905 +47-95242425 Library, EndNote
Picture of Siw Hege Pedersen Pedersen, Siw Hege Senior Executive Officer +47-22844217 Library, Accounts
Persson, Martin Kroglund Secretary Library, Bibliotek
Pettersen, Kjetil Kivle Secretary Library
Picture of Edina Pozer Bue Pozer Bue, Edina Academic Librarian Library, geology
Picture of Bente Kathrine Rasch Rasch, Bente Kathrine Senior Librarian +47-95497497 Library, Information literacy