Persons tagged with «Library»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Gisela Attinger Attinger, Gisela Senior Academic Librarian +47-22844206 Musicology, Cultural History, Library
Picture of Federico Aurora Aurora, Federico Academic Librarian +47-22845533 Greek, Italian, Latin, Digital Humanities, Lingusitics, Library, Dialectology, Indo-European
Picture of Anne-Heidi Barli Barli, Anne-Heidi Secretary Library
Picture of Lisa Virginia Benson Benson, Lisa Virginia Head Librarian +47-22859570 Library
Picture of Svein Helge Birkeflet Birkeflet, Svein Helge Academic Librarian +47-22850353 Library
Bjørgen, Siw Elin Secretary Library
Picture of Signe Marie Brandsæter Brandsæter, Signe Marie Academic Librarian +47-22857605 Library
Dalseng, Carmen Celine From Library
Picture of Svein Engelstad Engelstad, Svein Assistant Director +47-22844224 +47-95144745 Library, Middle East, Art history, Egypt
Picture of Frøydis Haugane Haugane, Frøydis Senior Librarian +47-22857163 Library
Picture of Kari Elisabeth Helliesen Helliesen, Kari Elisabeth Senior Librarian +47-22845887 Library
Picture of Ane Husstad-Nedberg Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47-22859162 East Asia, Korean, Library, South Asia
Picture of Jim Vidding Isaksen Isaksen, Jim Vidding Higher Executive Officer +47-22844840 Library
Picture of José María Izquierdo Izquierdo, José María Senior Academic Librarian +47-22854749 Library
Jacobsen, Janne Senior Librarian +47-22844450 Bibliotek, Library
Picture of Øystein Johan Kleiven Kleiven, Øystein Johan Academic Librarian +47-22844239 Chinese, Library
Lien, Marianne Inez Academic Librarian +47-22858630 93009063 Library, Nordic languages
Picture of Pål Magnus Lykkja Lykkja, Pål Magnus Academic Librarian +47-22857150 Library
Picture of Lars Erik Lørdahl Lørdahl, Lars Erik Academic Librarian +47-22844221 Library
Picture of Naomi Yabe Magnussen Magnussen, Naomi Yabe Senior Librarian +47-22844245 Library
Picture of Randi Cathinka Neverdal Neverdal, Randi Cathinka Subject Specialist +47-22855375 Library
Picture of Henrik Keyser Pedersen Pedersen, Henrik Keyser Senior Academic Librarian +47-22856905 +47-95242425 Library, EndNote
Persson, Martin Kroglund Librarian Library, Bibliotek
Picture of Hege Kristin Ringnes Ringnes, Hege Kristin Academic Librarian +47-22844265 Library
Picture of Lene Steen Steen, Lene Sekretær Library