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Medicine - Open access publishing and self archiving

University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital supports publishing of research results in open access channels. Doing this, the researcher keep the copyright to their work. This course is ment to give practical support in the publishing process. 

Learning outcomes:

  • What is open access publishing?
  • How to choose where to publish/ publication channel?
  • What are the different versions of an article? Pre-print and post-print?
  • How to avoid predatory publishers and journals
  • Self archiving of published material in CRISTIN and UiOs institutional archive DUO.
  • Suggested solutions for OUS employees
  • How to apply for financial support from UiOs publishing fund

Working methods:

Demonstrations and practical exercises in a computer lab.

Target group

Phd.- students and researchers at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.


Staff at Medical Library



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