Human Geography-HGO4011

This course is tailored to the needs of HGO4011 students for finding library resources in preparation for their Masters thesis. The course will consist of a short lecture and a workshop where each student will make use of databases to find articles and books for their thesis.

You will learn how to:

  • make a list of the most relevant databases to search for articles for your thesis
  • practice basic boolean search methods and more advanced search techniques for databases
  • make your own book shelf and reading list of your most relevant journals and articles in Browzine
  • use the citation function, related searches, and reference list to find quality sources
  • find review articles
  • search handbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries for relevant articles in your field


  • after a short introduction you will get a list of suggestions of search methods that can be tailored to most research questions in the Masters thesis
  • each student will get a handout where they can write down author names, keywords, synonyms, phrases, to systemize their searches in relevant databases
  • students will learn to trace previous research, and how to search using similar concepts in different contexts
  • we will talk about some procedures for quality control and how each student can practice these methods in their own research
  • students are encouraged to ask questions and help each other when needed

Target group:

Students at HGO4011

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