Fishing for Information at the Science Fair 2015

Can you belive everything you read about food, or is it nonsense? Join us as we go knowledge fishing in the ocean of information at the Science Fair 2015!

Photo: UiO/Fredrik Hovind Juell

Is fish good for you? Is chocolate bad for you? The sea of ​​information grows with new research, and everyone has access to the information with a just a few clicks. But there is also more and more information which is not based on science! Should we follow official advice, or bloggers? How do you separate fact from fiction? Who can be trusted?

Can the information be trusted?

The information fishers from the University library will not let you navigate the ocean on your own. Come to the fish pond and try fishing in the ocean of information, and determine whether the catch is good or bad!

Hungry for new research?

On Friday 18th September and Saturday 19th September 2015 the University Square in Oslo will be transformed into a buzzing square of exciting research activities for children and adults of all ages. Check out the full Science Fair 2015 program. (In Norwegian.)

Published Sep. 16, 2015 9:06 AM