PhD day 2015

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Science Library invites its Ph.D. candidates to a day of motivation, inspiration and dissemination. You will have the opportunity to learn how to reach out with your Ph.D. research, both in the media and by exhibiting a poster in the foyer of Vilhelm Bjerknes' House. Read more about the poster session.

Recorded talks


11:00 Poster session with participating PhD candidates

List over accepted posters

Read more about the poster session, the guidelines for the evaluation, and the jury.

Exhibition: PhD candidates meet designers

12:00 Opening

by Dean Morten Dæhlen, Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, and the Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen

12:20 Pimp your research!

by Gro Amdam, Arizona State University and NMBU.

13:00 Lunch

Free lunch for participants.

13:30 Get published

Eivind Nicolai Lauritsen from Aftenposten Viten tells you how to reach out with your research and how you can become published at Aftenposten Viten.

14:45 The press release

The Section for communication, represented by Gunhild Haugnes, gives you the basics on how to write your press release following the delivery of your thesis.

15:15 Dærnt's corner

  • Announcement of best poster.

15:45 BBQ and Pub at the end of the universe

Food can be bought from the Strøm-Larsen BBQ outside Vilhelm Bjerknes' House. Pub at the end of the universe organized by Realistforeningen!

16:30 Stand up show

It is Rocket Science! by Helen Keen from BBC Radio 4. More about the show.

The abstract submission form is closed

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