Ig Nobel Night at UiO

For the first time in Norway, the University of Oslo will host the alternative Nobel Prize show — the Ig Nobel Prize which the journal Nature calls "the highlight of the scientific calendar". As part of their Europe tour founder of the IG Nobel award Marc Abrahams is visiting UiO with a selected team of previous winners.

(Ill. M. Hammerstrøm )

The show will begin with a short lecture from the founder of the prize Marc Abrahams  who, with a twinkle in the eye, will tell about the prize, the ceremony at Harvard University and some of the latest years prize winners and their research “which makes people LAUGH, then THINK”. After this, the Ig Nobel Prize winners below will explain and perhaps demonstrate their prize-winning achievements!

  •  Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna, Austria – for using mathematical techniques to determine whether and how Moulay Ismael the Bloodthirsty, the Sharifian Emperor of Morocco, managed, during the years from 1697 through 1727, to father 888 children. (Ig Nobel Prize in Mathematics, 2015)
  • Dr. Eigil Reimers, University of Oslo, Norway – for understanding how reindeer respond to humans disguised as polar bears (Ig Nobel Prize in Arctic Science, 2014) 
  • Dr. Andrea Rapisarda, University of Catania, Italy– for demonstrating mathematically that organizations would become more efficient if they promote at random. (Ig Nobel Prize in Management, 2010) 

Bonus talk:
Dr. Anneleen Kool (UiO) and Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS), 1-minute about her science and her hair

Warning: These researchers might make you laugh.

The event is free and the doors open at 16:00.

Reading list:

  • "The Case of Moulay Ismael-Fact or Fancy?" Elisabeth Oberzaucher and Karl Grammer, PLOS ONE, vol. 9, no. 2, 2014, e85292.
  • “The Peter Principle Revisited: A Computational Study,” Alessandro Pluchino, Andrea Rapisarda, and Cesare Garofalo, Physica A, vol. 389, no. 3, February 2010, pp. 467-72.
  • "Response Behaviors of Svalbard Reindeer TOwards Humans and Humans Disguised as Polar Bears on Edgeøya" Eigil Reimers and Sindre Eftestøl, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 44(4):483-489. 2012


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Published Jan. 28, 2016 5:21 PM - Last modified Apr. 9, 2018 9:07 AM