PhD Day 2018

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Science Library invite Ph.D. candidates to a day of motivation, inspiration and dissemination.


Time Title
  PhD Day hosts
Torunn Kjeldstad and Andreas Nakkerud
11:00 Poster session
Read more about the poster session and sign up
12:00 Opening
Networking and life after the PhD
Kristin Vinje
12:15 Networking lunch
13:00 The Far Future
Time travel to the far future with Helen Keen from BBC4! How much of your research will be available then?
14:00 MusicLab PhDday special
PhD candidate Tejaswinee Kelkar from RITMO (IMV) will perform with voice and sensors - combining music and computers - at our MusicLab PhDday special. 
14:20 You and your PhD identity
Steven Wilson
14:45 PhD Therapy 
Struggling with imposter syndrome? Lost your motivation? Does your work feel useless? Is your supervisor giving you a hard time? Send your questions to our experts here and get their qualified opinon - and perhaps even a solution to your problems! And remember to post a picture from your PhD life at the MN-faculty on Instagram under the hashtag #phdlifemn and join the photo contest.
15:30 Announcement of poster session and photo contest winners
15:35 BBQ
Elvebredden and Realistforeningen
16:15 A Capella Science
Bohemian Gravity! Entropic Time! More than Birds! Evo Devo! Defining Gravity! Join us in a spectacular talk by the man who has transformed hit music into pure scientific joy - Tim Blais from A Capella Science.
17:00 End

Relevant courses

Make better posters
April 25th at 12:15 - 14:00 at Vilhelm Bjerknes' House, Auditorium 5

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