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Doctoral Theses in DUO

Electronic publishing in DUO makes your dissertation visible and accessible to the outside world. DUO is indexed by Google Scholar. The thesis is archived in DUO and will always be accessible via a permanent URL.

There are three ways you can publish your doctoral thesis in  DUO:

  1. Register your thesis in Cristin and upload the file. The file is then transferred to DUO.
  2. Contact for help in registering your thesis directly in DUO. This could also be relevant if you wish to submit your thesis later on.
  3. A third option is Unipub. If you print your thesis using Unipub, you can order that an electronic version be archived in DUO. You should provide a brief summary/abstract (on file) to Unipub along with the thesis.

Articles in a thesis

If your thesis contains reprints of articles, these articles will be published in DUO only  with the permission of the articles’ publishers. In this case, a link is provided to the full text version of the article on the publisher's website.


If your thesis is a monograph (without papers), you can easily publish it in DUO. If you plan on publishing the thesis as a book through a publishing house, it is advisable to delay publication in DUO until after the book is released.

Published Apr 12, 2011 10:33 AM - Last modified Feb 27, 2015 10:57 AM