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Explanation of the fields in the registration module

All students at UiO have been given a username and password. You will need these in order to log onto DUO. If you have forgotten your username and password, contact student-IT at your faculty.

When logged onto DUO, you will find two choices:

  1. 'Register new thesis'
  2. 'Register as coauthor on thesis already registered'

1. 'Register a new thesis'

Mandatory fields are marked with an *.

Preferred name

Fill out this field if you wish to use a name other than the one shown when logging onto DUO, e.g. if you are not, in both cases, using both your first name  and surname. The preferred name form should match the author's name on the title page of the thesis. This field is not mandatory.

Year of birth *

Used to separate authors with identical names. Recorded with four characters, e.g. 1980. This field is mandatory.

Thesis type*

Choose the correct type of thesis. This field is mandatory

Title *

Enter the title of your paper. This field is mandatory.


Enter, if any, a subtitle in this field. This field is not mandatory.

Language *

Choose the language in which your thesis is written. If you cannot find the correct language in the dropdown menu, click on ‘More options’  for more language options. This field is mandatory.

Organizational unit *

First, select the faculty you belong to. Then select the department and, if appropriate, subjects. Please note that not all departments have subjects. Medical students and students of law and dentistry submit to the faculty and not to the department. This field is mandatory.


Enter the name of your supervisor(s). This field is not mandatory.

Year and month *

Enter the year and month you finished your thesis. These fields are mandatory.

Norwegian abstract / English abstract

Some departments require an abstract in both English and Norwegian. If the abstract contains mathematical formulas, they must be pasted as html-tags. Contact for help. This field is not mandatory.

Upload file(s) with a thesis

Use the browse feature (‘browse’) to  locate the full text file. A new window will open. Double-click on the file or highlight the file with a single mouse click, then click on Open. On the submission page, click on 'Add this file' to upload to DUO. To upload multiple files, simply repeat the process. The document  should be submitted in the original format (e.g. LaTeX or Word) as well as PDF format. In addition, it may be submitted and published in other formats, HTML, for example. You will not receive a receipt until you have uploaded your files.

Publishing terms*

Read through the agreement on publishing and select/define under which terms the thesis has been submitted.

Save at the end and print receipt

Save. Print the on-screen receipt and hand this in at your department. You may log on to DUO later in order to print the receipt again, edit information or upload more files.

Example of completed form (in Norwegian).

2. 'Register as coauthor on thesis already registered'

Students who write papers together should register the paper only once and submit only one copy of the full-text file. Student no. 1 should log onto DUO, register and submit the paper. Student no. 2 (the co-author) should log onto DUO and select 'Register as co-author on thesis already registered'. Select the faculty and department and choose the right paper from the list of submitted papers. You cannot 'Go back' on this choice. Click ‘Add as a co-author’ when you have located your paper.

Print out the on-screen receipt and deliver this to your department.

You may log on to DUO later to re-print the receipt or edit information.

Published Apr 12, 2011 10:34 AM - Last modified Nov 7, 2012 10:47 AM