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Using styles and the DUO template

When writing large documents, it is helpful to use styles. Styles help with the layout of the document and form the basis for the automatic generation of a table of content

DUO template for Word

We have created a template containing suitable styles for a master thesis. Some departments have their own templates exhibiting a somewhat different style. Information about styles and templates can often be found on a department’s web pages. If you are not using the DUO template or another template, please use styles, at the very least.

All the templates are in Norwegian, but they are bases on standard Word versions, and they will work on English versions of Word. All Norwegian terms are explained in the English instructions for the templates.


Read the instructions for the DUO template. A quick-start guide is also available.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, it can be difficult to open a file simply by clicking on the link. Right-click on the link and save the file, then open it from the saved location.


LaTeX is mostly used within the fields of mathematics and the natural sciences. For information about LaTeX from the Informatics department please refer to Informasjon om LaTeX med venner (information in Norwegian and English).

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