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What are all thoses black bullets?

Do you miss the Ada Lovelace exhibition? It has moved to Internet!

Search services

From home and away

Databases and other sources


Citation databases

Who did cite the interesting article I just read?



Subject search

Subject search in science literature
Mainly Norwegian terminology, but with an increasing amount of English.

The classification system
Use it for searching and finding your way on the shelves.


Special informatics resources (under testing and construction)

Special collections and bibliographies



Library courses

The library gives courses in
EndNote and BibLaTeX
(course language is English).

Slides from the January 15th 2016 lectures

Ask us

This page contains information on literature search, writing theses, research support and more.

The Informatics library

Relevant institutions


  • IFI (Department of Informatics)
  • SFE (Center for Entrepreneurship)
  • USIT (University Center for Information Technology