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Theology - Information resources

Find books, digital articles, e-books, journals and more.

Finding articles

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials
American article database, and the most important to religion and christian theology. It also contains a fulltext article archive for 300 journals.

R&TA - Religious & Theological Abstracts
American database indexing articles in theology and religion

IxTheo - Index Theologicus
German database indexing articles in religion and christian theology

Journal article archive in humanities and social sciences

16 different databases searchable together, providing access to multi-disciplinary information on Africa

Article First
Hugh cross-disciplinary database with articles from more than 12000 journals

Index Islamicus
Important article database on Islam and the Muslim world

Finding books and journals

The Library's catalogue: books, journals and article search.

Digital publications of master thesis at UiO, including master thesis in Intercontextual Theology


Text resources


Subject librarian

Other web resources