Signing in - hospital employees

New users at the Oslo University Hospital

  • Visit the service desk at the library to create a user-ID

Go to Oria and click the [Sign in] link in the top right corner. Sign in with your user-ID.

Oria sign in link

You will be asked to choose affiliation every time you sign in from a new browser, your affiliation is BIBSYS.

Forgotten password

Request a new password from Bibsys. Note: This is only possible if you already have a password.

OUS Web browsers

If you are signing in from the hospital network at OUS

  • From a Windows XP computer: use the Firefox browser as the hospital network version of Internet Explorer is not supported by Oria.
  • From a Window 7 computer: use Internet Explorer.

Why should you sign in?

You don’t have to sign in to search, but if you want to order books etc., you have to be signed in.  When you sign in you also get access to:

  • Any active orders
  • Renewing loans
  • Search history and references

To get access to full text electronic resources you must be connected to the UiO network, either on campus or from home etc. Read more about how to connect to the UiO network.

Published June 9, 2016 1:28 PM - Last modified July 4, 2016 1:13 PM