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Customise the results

On the search results page you have the option to tweak your results using the right hand menu. Resource type, publication year and language can be helpful refinements.

Sort by - ordering the results

The search results are automatically ordered by relevance, which means that the most relevant results for your search, appear at the top of the list. You can choose to sort by relevance, date, author or title.

Tweak and refine the results

Resource type

If you are looking for a specific format, you can choose which resource types to see in your search results. 


If, for example, you are in the Law Library and wish to see if the book is available there, you can choose to only see results from the Law Library by selecting it from the list of deparments. Remember that you can borrow books from all our libraries, and it is also possible to order books to all of our libraries (though this can take a few days). 

Creation date

You can choose a specific year, or a time period, for the material you are looking for. For example maybe you only want to see the newest books, or books from the '50s. 

Refine by year


If you specify a language, you will only see results in the chosen language.

Expand your search

Searching Oria will give you results from materials you have access to as student/staff at UiO or OUS. By choosing [Expand beyond library collection] you will see materials that are not at your library, but can be ordered. 

Adjust your preferences

You can make some customizations on the search results page by choosing [Personalize] at the top of the search results.

Here you can choose what your preferred subject areas are. This can make your results more relevant based on your choices.


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