Student initiative in the battle against antibiotic resistance

UiOslo 2016 picks up the mantle in the battle towards antibiotic resistance, one of the biggest threats to the world as we know it.

ill. iGEM

We wish you all welcome to a presentation by the UiOslo 2016 iGEM team in the Science Library. Refreshments will be served from 11:00. 

UiOslo 2016 aim to create a diagnostic test for resistant bacteria so fast, cheap and easy to use that it can be used anywhere, at any time. Not only will they detect dangerous bacterial enzymes, but by reimagining CRISPR/Cas9-technology, the team proposes a design of a gene detection tool that can detect also the resistance genes themselves.

Along with their test they present PhoneLab - an app of their own design to interface with their test. By improving diagnostics, unnecessary and wrong use of antibiotics may be prevented, enabling us to contain the spread of resistant microbes before it becomes too late for all of us.

Emneord: Science Debate, Bacteria, Biology
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