Kip Thorne - The science of the movie

Physics Tuesday - on a Wednesday! Presentation and movie screening.

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The science of the movie Interstellar is based largely on research contributions by Kip Thorne, who also served as a science advisor on the film. This year, Thorne was awarded the Kavli Prize in Astrophysics for his work on the LIGO experiment that detected gravitational waves, validating a prediction of Einstein's 1915 theory of general relativity.

Thorne will give a short presentation of his research before we'll have a movie screening.

This lecture and movie screening is happening on a Wednesday, but will substitute Physics Tuesday this month. 

Physics Tuesday = Sausages, physics and potato salad

One Tuesday a month, the Science Library and Department of Physics invite to a popular scientific lecture in the Science Library. Physics need to reach the people, and what is more "for the people" than sausages and potato salad? 

"Pølser, fysikk og potetsalat" ("Sausages, physics and potato salad") is the title of a book by Otto Øgrim and Helmut Ormestad. The two physicists were pioneers in dissemination of physics on radio and TV. In our version of sausages, physics and potato salad we want you to hear lectures you haven't heard before, from research fellows fresh in the world of research or professors bringing new perspectives.  

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