Library day for new PhD candidates in the Social Sciences

Would you like to know more about the library databases and their more advanced features? Are you new to the University of Oslo and the library? Do you have questions about systematic searching or open science? Welcome to the new PhD candidate's Library day! You can register to either one, two or three parts of the day.

Part 1: 

9:30-10:30: Introduction to the University Library of Oslo. Where can you find what you need; what services does the library offer?

For: those of you who are new to the University of Oslo or have not used the library before

Place: Læringsoasen, Georg Sverdrups Hus

Part 2:

10:30-12:15: Advanced use of the library resources 

  • Advanced searching
  • Saved searches and alerts
  • Citation search
  • Impact
  • Systematic search
  • Serendipity

For: All

Place: Læringsoasen, Georg Sverdrups Hus

Lunch with your subject expert

12:15-13:00: The library serves lunch and introduces you to your subject expert in the library 

Place: Large meeting room, Georg Sverdrups Hus (2531)

For: All

Part 3:

Choose one of the following:

a) 13:00-14:00: Open science: an introduction to what open science is and the advantages of openness and sharing

Place: Room 9, 2nd floor of Georg Sverdrups hus

For: All


b) 13:00-15:00: EndNote: an introduction to the reference tool

Place: Læringsoasen, Georg Sverdrups Hus

For: All

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