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Besøksadresse Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus kontordelen 0851 OSLO

Project leader, Visual Navigation Project (2016-now).

Personal homepage:


Selective work history:

PhD candidate, Archives and Information Studies, University of Amsterdam (2012-2016)

PhD thesis title: Supporting the Complex Dynamics of the Information Seeking Process (exp. 2017)

Owner, Timeless Future (2009-2016)

Researcher, VU University Amsterdam (2008)



International MA in Digital Library Learning (2010-2012), Olso University College / Tallinn University / University of Parma

BSc / MSc Information Sciences (2003-2007), VU University Amsterdam


Recent publications:

Hugo C. Huurdeman (2017). Dynamic Compositions: Recombining Search User Interface Features for Supporting Complex Work Tasks. Proceedings CHIIR 2017 Second Workshop on Supporting Complex Search Tasks (SCST 2017), p. 21-24, Oslo, Norway, March 2017.

Liliana M. Melgar, Marijn Koolen, Hugo C. Huurdeman and Jaap Blom (2017). A process model of time-based media annotation in a scholarly context. Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Conference Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR 2017), p. 305-308, Oslo, Norway, March 2017. ACM.

Marijn Koolen, Toine Bogers, Maria Gäde, Mark Hall, Iris Hendrickx, Hugo Huurdeman, Jaap Kamps, Mette Skov, Suzan Verberne, David Walsh. Overview of the CLEF 2016 Social Book Search Lab. In Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction, volume 9822 of LNCS. Springer.

Hugo C. Huurdeman, Max Wilson and Jaap Kamps (2016). Active and Passive Utility of Search Interface Features in Different Information Seeking Task Stages. CHIIR ’16 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval, p.3-12, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, March 2016. ACM. Best Paper Award Honorable Mention.

Hugo C. Huurdeman and Jaap Kamps (2015). Supporting the Process: Adapting Search Systems to Search Stages. In S. Kurbanoğlu, S. Špiranec, J. Boustany, E. Grassian, D. Mizrachi & L. Roy (Eds.), Information Literacy: Moving towards sustainability Vol. 552. Communication in Computer and Information Science (pp. 394-404). ECIL 2015, Revised selected papers. Springer.

Hugo C. Huurdeman, Jaap Kamps, Thaer Samar, Arjen P. de Vries, Anat Ben-David & Richard Rogers (2015). Lost but Not Forgotten: Finding Pages on the Unarchived WebInternational Journal on Digital Libraries.

Full list of publications:

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