Persons tagged with «Library»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aardal, Anja Maria Executive Officer Library, Loan
Ahmadzai, Nangialai Secretary Library, Loan
Akerholt, Line Nybakk Academic Librarian +47 22856522 +47 95880018 (mob) Library, Teaching, Alma
Amundsen, Michael Mørk Secretary Library, Loan
Azouaghe, Reduan Secretary Library, Loan
Bergaust, Gjermund Executive Officer +47 22852193 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Rikshospitalet, Dentistry library
Christophersen, Ellen Head Librarian Library, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Clarke, Sara Section Manager +47 91004052 (mob) Library, Literature search
Evans, Anna Kathinka Dalland Senior Academic Librarian +47 22845577 +47 99018519 (mob) Library, Informatics library
Flaatten, Hilde Iren Senior Librarian +47 22119497 +47 97651394 (mob) Library, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital
Frøseth-Rønning, Siri Executive Officer Library, Loan
Gadmar, Tone Charlotte Senior Academic Librarian +47 45407871 (mob) Library, Teaching
Gjone-Ring, Aurora Secretary Library, Loan
Gramstad, Thomas Secretary +47 48176875 (email preferred) Library, Loan
Hestnes, Toril Marie Senior Librarian +47 22117591 +47 94499677 (mob) Library, Litteratursøk, EndNote, Ullevål Hospital
Hoel, Ole Andreas Secretary Library, Loan
Høyås, Trine Secretary Library, Loan
Ibabao, Marianne Alme Executive Officer +47 92405311 (mob) Library, Loan
Isachsen, Marie Susanna Senior Librarian +47 41237582 (mob) Library, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital
Kalvik, Skjalg Tønnessen Senior Librarian +47 46789239 (mob) Library, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Kleven, Gunn Terese Senior Librarian +47 41206233 (mob) Library, Literature search, Teaching, Rikshospitalet
Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen Senior Academic Librarian +47 41294973 (mob) Library, Teaching
Kuldvere, Lembi Viola Head Librarian +47 48288709 (mob) Library, Loan, Teaching, Subject heading indexing
Liadal, Magnus Sætre Executive Officer Library, Loan
Lothe, My Senior Librarian +47 41225978 (mob) Library, Loan, Interlibrary loan, Dentistry library, Informatics library
Lund, Mariann Senior Librarian +47 91244108 (mob) Library, Informatics library
Lönn-Stensrud, Jessica Head of section +47 90850391 (mob) Learning development, Leadership, Library, Microbiology, Bacteria, Antibiotic resistance, Teaching, Competence development, Academic writing, Sources, Knowledge building, Dissemination, Dentistry library
Lødding, Fredrik Head Librarian +47 48174847 (mob) Library, Loan, Ullevål Hospital
Malovic, Ivana Senior Academic Librarian +47 23074423 +47 41239568 (mob) Library, Teaching, Open Access, Research data management, EndNote
Midttvedt, Ann Margareth Senior Librarian +47 22117592 +47 46543102 (mob) Library, Interlibrary loans, Acquisition, Oslo University Hospital, Loan, Ullevål Hospital
Moe, Karoline Senior Academic Librarian +47 41122557 (mob) design, latex, Matematikk, Library courses, Library
Mørk, Eva-Charlotte Head Librarian +47 45397182 (mob) Library, Replacement claims, Interlibrary loans, Service functions, Rikshospitalet
Nygren, Ellen Margrethe Wiig Senior Librarian +47 22119817 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Ullevål Hospital
Omole, Adesua Ingvild Sevilhaug Academic Librarian +47 95730761 (mob) Library, Teaching, Natural History Museum
Porobic, Mirna Higher Executive Officer Library, Loan
Pozer, Edina Academic Librarian +47 47057500 (mob) Library, Teaching
Rasmussen, Live Manager +47 90066138 Leadership, Startegy, Budget, Library, Estate coordinator
Reichelt, Marie Helleren Secretary +47 22845729 Library, Loan
Ringstrøm, Liv Executive Officer +47 23074417 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Rikshospitalet
Rustad, Brit Heidi Deputy head +47 45861350 (intern nr. 31499) (mob) Library, Leadership, Project management
Sekulic, Biljana Secretary Library, Loan
Skattebu, Julie Head Librarian +47 22852123 +47 92257623 (mob) Library, Library guidance, EndNote, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47 22852192 Library, EndNote, Literature search, Teaching, Loan, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Solheim, Per Aleksander Senior Librarian +47 48247012 (mob) Library, Alma, EndNote, Loan, Oria, Reference and citation Tools, Rikshospitalet
Strømme, Hilde Academic Librarian +47 23074422 +47 41247840 (mob) Library, Literature search, Teaching, Rikshospitalet
Stølan, Anniken Mahlum Secretary Library, Loan
Sundby, Ove Head Librarian +47 92087939 (mob) Library, Loan, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål Hospital
Søyland, Marte Jørgensdatter Head Librarian +47 22117590 +47 92268586 (mob) Library, Oslo University Hospital, Web editor, EndNote, Social Media, Reference Manager, Ullevål Hospital
Torp, Signe Augusta Iversen Executive Officer Library, Loan
Werner, Tarjei Fiskergård Senior Librarian +47 23074471 Library, Literature search, Teaching, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Zarzar, Mehyar Abdallah Secretary Library, Loan
Ødegaard, Marte Academic Librarian +47 23074429 +47 45399871 (mob) Library, Literature searching, Systematic reviews, Evidence Syntheses, EndNote, teaching, Rayyan