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Touch applications
Publisert 11. juni 2018 12:31

Members of the Visual Navigation Project have contributed to the development of 10 touch screen applications and the extension of the emnesøk subject search tool. This page summarizes these applications.

Publisert 24. jan. 2018 14:58

This fall the group "Real Fiction" has been working on a project for the Science Library as part of their the course INF2260 – Interaction Design. Their project goal was "visualizing the science fiction collection and community building."

Publisert 29. nov. 2017 17:07

How to create touch screen applications to entice & engage library visitors? This was the premise of a workshop organized by the Visual Navigation Project on 20 November 2017. In the workshop, participants gained experience with building touch applications using the XIMPEL framework.

Publisert 20. juli 2017 18:26

In May, 2017, the Visual Navigation Project created a touch table application for the Abel Prize award ceremony taking place that month. This post describes the ideas behind this application, and how it was used during its five week deployment in the UiO Science Library.

Publisert 22. mai 2017 10:17

In his Master's project, a student in Interaction Design designed an application aimed at inducing curiosity. This post summarizes his work and discusses the resulting touch table application.

Publisert 17. mars 2017 12:51

On the 8th of March, an exclusive pre-screening of the movie “Hidden Figures” took place in the Science Library. Surrounding this event, we created and installed a touch table application within the library space, focusing on movie fragments, contextual information and related books.

To obtain insights into the actual use of this application, we gathered basic statistics. These statistics can help us to improve the application, to understand user behavior with respect to touch tables, and for future developments of novel applications in the physical library space. This post summarizes our findings, based on the first two weeks in which the touch table was installed in the library.

Publisert 7. mars 2017 12:26

On the 8th of March, an exclusive pre-screening of the movie Hidden Figures takes place at the Science Library of the University of Oslo. To support this exciting event, we have designed an application for our touch table, now residing in an exhibition in the Science Library. This post outlines some of our experiences during the development and design of this application.

Publisert 26. jan. 2017 15:40

Touch tables can be a highly valuable addition to academic libraries, for instance to visualize a library's collection. In the Visual Navigation Project, we explored the needs and possibilities associated with touch tables. To discuss ideas with respect to innovative touch table use, we organized two brainstorm sessions, together with a Master student in Interaction Design.

Publisert 6. jan. 2017 15:17

How can touch tables be used in a library setting? Well, for example to present a part of the library's collection. In the Visual Navigation Project, and in collaboration with the Department of Informatics, we are exploring potential uses of touch tables.

Publisert 19. nov. 2016 15:31

Unbeknownst to some, the Science Library has an extensive collection of Science Fiction books. To increase engagement with this collection, students interaction design embarked on a project to create a highly visual prototype application for use with a touch table. This prototype was recently evaluated in the actual library setting.