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Humanities and Social Sciences library : Research services (HUMSOCRES)

Postal address Postboks 1009 Blindern, 0315 Oslo
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 39
Georg Sverdrups hus
0851 Oslo
Phone +47 22844050
Org. Unit ID 342001


The list contains 18 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Anderson, Astrid Section Manager +47-22857170 +47 99250434 (mob) Library, Leadership, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Social anthropology
Attinger, Gisela Senior Academic Librarian +47 22844206
Aurora, Federico Academic Librarian +47 22845533 Library, Greek, Latin, Italian, Linguistics, Papyrology, Digital Humanities
Bjerkenes, Glenn Karlsen Head Librarian Library, Literature search, Information Literacy, EndNote, Interlibrary loans
Carlsson, Kristin Charlotte Senior Librarian +47 91805867 (mob) Library, Metadata, Special collections, Digitisation
Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47 22859162 Library, Korea, East Asia, South Asia, Teaching
Izquierdo, Jose Maria Senior Academic Librarian +47 22854749 Library
Kleiven, Øystein Johan Academic Librarian +47 22844239 Library, Chinese
Lien, Marianne Inez Academic Librarian +47 22858630 Library, Nordic languages, Social anthropology, Sociology, Gender research, Health, Professions
Longva, Johanne Head Librarian +47 22844205 Library, Literature Search, Information literacy
Lykkja, Pål Magnus Academic Librarian +47 22857150 92886183 Library, Economics, Special needs education, Digital research methods, Literature search
Løland, Ole Jakob Senior Academic Librarian +47 22850355 Library, New Testament Studies, Systematic Theology, Religion and Politics, Biblical Reception, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of religion, Theological Library
Lørdahl, Lars Erik Academic Librarian +47 22844221 Library, History, Archaeology, EndNote, Photo, Archaeology Library
Magnussen, Naomi Yabe Head Librarian +47 22844245 Library, Japanese, East Asia, Special collection, Digital method
Neverdal, Randi Cathinka Academic Librarian +47 22855375 Library, Information literacy, Literature searches, Courses, Library guidance, Classification, Exhibitions
Rockenberger, Annika Senior Academic Librarian +4744214 Digital research methods, Digital Humanities, Research data management, Teaching
Sundsbak, Ragnhild Academic Librarian +47 22854708 Library, Political Science
Sæbø, Anne Senior Academic Librarian +47 22844025 Library, Research Support, Teaching, Literature Search, EndNote, Digital Humanities, Digital Research Methods