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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lars Andre Flaten Flaten, Lars Andre Academic Librarian +47 22859459 Library, Teaching, Reference work, Legal research, Desk duty
Bråthen, Svein Secretary +47 22859876 Library, Mail and postage
Picture of Marianne Schiøtz Samuel Samuel, Marianne Schiøtz Adviser +47 22857143 +47 98036651 Library, Web publishing, Web editor
Holte, Ingrid Skurdal Secretary Library
Løken, Fredrik Senior Librarian +47 22859883 Library, Desk duty, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote
Hussain, Ittqa Secretary Library
Picture of Marte Birkeland Deichman-Sørensen Deichman-Sørensen, Marte Birkeland Academic Librarian +47 22859709 +47 40471116 Library, Law, Development, Research, Courses, Teaching, Legal technology, Legal research, Literature search
Østbye, Sigrid Elisabeth Academic Librarian +47 22859879 Library, Teaching, Library guidance, Reference work, EndNote, Zotero, Literature search
Noorestany, Nasjida Library
Sørum, Silje Maria Hafskjold Library
Trøen, Linn Johanne Shi Secretary Library
Berg, Oscar Farseth Secretary Library
Andersen, Tormod Academic Librarian Library
Sjursen, Thorstein Ole Paal Sollien Academic Librarian Library
Eriksen, Live Marie Secretary Library
Mo, Iben Secretary Library
Aae, Jenny Lunde Library
Bazger, Abaseen Library
Shekobe Balingene, Muisha Rodrig Secretary Library
Picture of Pher-Micael Lima-Strandh Lima-Strandh, Pher-Micael Executive Officer Library, Analysis, EndNote
Picture of Ann Kristin Sannes Sannes, Ann Kristin Higher Executive Officer +47 22857171 Library, Loan
Picture of Karen Hareide Hareide, Karen Executive Officer Library
Picture of Anne Grethe Larsen Larsen, Anne Grethe Secretary Library
Picture of Iselin Løchen Brente Brente, Iselin Løchen Senior Librarian +47 22854224 Library
Picture of Hilde Kristin Hem Hem, Hilde Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47 22844282 +47 93415280 Library, Loan