Persons tagged with «Library» - Page 4

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Mathiesen, Maria Academic Librarian Library
Busterud, Maren Høgevold Executive Officer Library
Søbyskogen, Jenny Executive Officer Library
Lien, Maria Kruse Executive Officer Library
Krzesinski, Mateusz Michal Executive Officer Library
Winge, Erik Academic Librarian +47 22859498 Library
Karlsen, Marianne Head Librarian +47 22859878 +47 95806572 Library, Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Vibeke Lowzow Lagem Lagem, Vibeke Lowzow Head Librarian +47 22850156 Library, Literature search, Loan, Library guidance, Cataloguing
Picture of Anne Gunn Berge Bekken Bekken, Anne Gunn Berge Head Librarian +47 22859497 +47 90971651 Library, Alma
Asklund, Frøydis Lillemoen Senior Librarian +47 22859882 Library, Interlibrary loans, E-journals
Picture of Hilde Westbye Westbye, Hilde Assistant Director +47 22859888 +47 93060480 Library, Leadership, Teaching, Information literacy, Courses, Literature search
Picture of Karen Danbolt Danbolt, Karen Head Librarian +47 22859426 Library, Teaching, Literature search, Loan, Reminder
Picture of Lars Andre Flaten Flaten, Lars Andre Academic Librarian +47 22859459 Library, Teaching, Reference work, Legal research, Desk duty
Bråthen, Svein Executive Officer +47 22859876 Library, Mail and postage
Holte, Ingrid Skurdal Executive Officer Library
Løken, Fredrik Senior Librarian +47 22859883 Library, Desk duty, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote
Andersen, Lisa Haug Executive Officer Library
Bergh, Jørgen Executive Officer Library
Hussain, Ittqa Executive Officer Library
Picture of Marte Birkeland Deichman-Sørensen Deichman-Sørensen, Marte Birkeland Academic Librarian +47 22859709 +47 40471116 Library, Law, Development, Research, Courses, Teaching, Legal technology, Legal research, Literature search
Østbye, Sigrid Elisabeth Academic Librarian +47 22859879 Library, Teaching, Library guidance, Reference work, EndNote, Zotero, Literature search, Research support
Trøen, Linn Johanne Shi Executive Officer Library
Berg, Oscar Farseth Executive Officer Library
Andersen, Tormod Academic Librarian Library
Sjursen, Thorstein Ole Paal Sollien Academic Librarian Library