Persons tagged with «library» - Page 6

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Siw Hege Pedersen Pedersen, Siw Hege Adviser +47 22844217 Accounts, Library
Porobic, Mirna Secretary Library, Loan
Picture of Edina Pozer Pozer, Edina Academic Librarian Library, Teaching
Picture of Live  Rasmussen Rasmussen, Live Manager +47-90066138 Leadership, Startegy, Budget, Library, Estate coordinator
Picture of Irene Refsland Refsland, Irene Senior Librarian +47 23074473 Library, E-books, E-journals, E-resources, Journals
Reichelt, Marie Secretary +47 22845729 Library, Loan
Picture of Liv Ringstrøm Ringstrøm, Liv Executive Officer +47 23074417 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans
Picture of Oda Rosenkilde Rosenkilde, Oda Spesialbibliotekar +47 22856701 Library, Loan, Alma, Zotero
Picture of Christine Rostgaard Rostgaard, Christine Senior Adviser +47 22844004 Library, Alma, Oria
Picture of Brit Heidi Rustad Rustad, Brit Heidi Deputy head +47 45861350 (intern nr. 31499) Library, Leadership, Project management
Picture of Stian Tveit Rype Rype, Stian Tveit Secretary Library
Picture of Kristian Roberto Salcedo Salcedo, Kristian Roberto Senior Engineer +47 22858114 +47 47347533 Library, DUO, Application management
Picture of Marianne Samuel Samuel, Marianne Adviser +47 22857143 Library, Web publishing, Web editor
Picture of Mari Undheim Sandstad Sandstad, Mari Undheim Secretary Library
Sandvik, Marit Secretary +47 22851389 Library, Loan
Picture of Ann Kristin Sannes Sannes, Ann Kristin Higher Executive Officer +47 22857171 Library, Loan
Picture of Vida  Saure Saure, Vida Student Assistant Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Runhild Seim Seim, Runhild Adviser +47 22844210 Library, Events, Communication, social media
Sekulic, Biljana Secretary Library, Loan
Shekobe B, Muisha Rodrig Secretary +47 22844050 Library
Picture of Lasse Skage Skage, Lasse Senior Librarian +47 22852195 Library, Alma, Acquisition, Library guidance
Picture of Therese Skarås Skagen Skagen, Therese Skarås Head Librarian +47 93805142 Library, Literature search, Rikshospitalet
Picture of Julie Skattebu Skattebu, Julie Head Librarian +47 22119264 Library, Library guidance, EndNote, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Picture of Rune Skjerven Skjerven, Rune Executive Officer +47 22844095 Library
Picture of Åsmund Skomsvold Skomsvold, Åsmund Librarian +47 22844224 Library, Acquisition