Persons tagged with «Library»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Østbye, Sigrid Elisabeth On leave Library, Teaching, Library guidance, Reference work, Interlibrary loans
Picture of Live  Rasmussen Rasmussen, Live Manager +47-90066138 Leadership, Startegy, Budget, Library, Estate coordinator
Picture of Brit Heidi Rustad Rustad, Brit Heidi Deputy head +47 45861350 (intern nr. 31499) Library, Leadership, Project management
Picture of Jessica Lönn-Stensrud Lönn-Stensrud, Jessica Head of section +47 908 50 391 Learning development, Leadership, Library, Microbiology, Bacteria, Antibiotic resistance, Teaching, Competence development, Academic writing, Sources, Knowledge building, Dissemination, Dentistry library
Picture of Vida  Saure Saure, Vida Student Assistant Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Hana  Omeragic Omeragic, Hana Student Assistant Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of My Lothe Lothe, My Senior Librarian 97743623 Library, Library Guidance, social media, Loan, Dentistry library, Informatics library
Picture of Kristian Roberto Salcedo Salcedo, Kristian Roberto Senioringeniør +47 22858114 +47 47347533 Library, DUO, Application management
Picture of Tone Christine Bøgh Bøgh, Tone Christine Hovedbibliotekar +47 22844381 Library, Databases, E-books, E-journals, X-port, Oria
Picture of Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed, Ahmed Senioringeniør +47 22857256 Library, IT services
Picture of Christine Rostgaard Rostgaard, Christine Seniorrådgiver +47 22844004 Library, Alma, Oria, Leganto
Mjelde, Helge Senior Adviser +4740856670 Library, Administrative management
Picture of Karin Sofie Ytterlid Ytterlid, Karin Sofie Senior Adviser +47 22855291 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Picture of Janne Jacobsen Jacobsen, Janne Hovedbibliotekar +47 22844450 Library
Picture of Elise Lystad Lystad, Elise Library
Trætteberg, Kjartan Holm Hovedbibliotekar Library, Alma
Picture of Nini Ebeltoft Ebeltoft, Nini Førstebibliotekar +47 22856247 Library
Picture of Aina Øie Øie, Aina Rådgiver +47 22844203 Library, E-books, E-journals, Databases, Purchasing
Picture of Andrea Alessandro Gasparini Gasparini, Andrea Alessandro Senior Academic Librarian +47 22844208 +47 90846905 Library, IT services, Service Design, AI, Informatics library
Picture of Stine Marie Barsjø Barsjø, Stine Marie Adviser +47 22844216 Library, DUO, Open Access, Publishing fund
Picture of Elin Holmstrøm Frøshaug Frøshaug, Elin Holmstrøm Adviser +47 22844261 Library, DUO, Open Access
Picture of Wenche Holte Holte, Wenche Spesialbibliotekar +47 22857164 Library
Iversen, Edel Camilla Hovedbibliotekar +47 22859782 Library, Journals
Picture of Liv Ringstrøm Ringstrøm, Liv Executive Officer +47 23074417 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Rikshospitalet
Picture of Lembi Viola Kuldvere Kuldvere, Lembi Viola Head Librarian +47 48288709 Library, Loan, Teaching, Subject heading indexing