Science Library (UREAL)

Postal address Postboks 1063 Blindern, 0316 OSLO
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35
Niels Henrik Abels hus kontordelen
0851 Oslo
Phone +47-22855400
Org. Unit ID 341500


The list contains 55 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aardal, Anja Maria Secretary Bibliotek
Akerholt, Line Nybakk Head Librarian +47-22856522 +47-95880018 (mob) Cataloguing, Library
Alm, Merethe Executive Officer Library
Ari, Yasar Higher Executive Officer +47-93093717 (mob) Mail and Postage, Library
Backer, Dag Senior Engineer +47-22857854 +47-97114521 (mob) AV, Events, Support
Bjerke, Olav Secretary Library
Bøhn, Edel Ann Higher Executive Officer +47-91784286 (mob) Loan, Library, Journals
Christensen, Andreas Academic Librarian +47-22857769
Eide, Christina Secretary Library
Evenrud, Gunvor Secretary Library
Gadmar, Tone Charlotte Senior Academic Librarian Library, Chemistry
Gramstad, Thomas Secretary +47-22852546 48176875 (E-mail preferred) Library
Halvorsen, Lena Marie Secretary Library
Hammerstrøm, Maria Executive Officer Communication, graphic design
Haraldsen, Kirsten Borse Senior Academic Librarian +47-90688254 (mob) Cell biology, Scientific communication, EndNote, Library, Biology, Evolution
Hauge, Eirill Strand Secretary Bibliotek
Heggø, Dan Michael Academic Librarian +47-90207510 (mob) +47-90207510 Programming, Library, Physics, Subject heading indexing
Hegna, Knut +47-22852548
Henden, Thomas Works Technician +47-22851690
Hirsti, Linn Katrine Senior Librarian Library
Hoel, Ole Andreas Secretary +47-22851645 Library
Høyås, Trine Secretary Bibliotek
Jarsve, Kristine Thorkildsen Secretary Library
Johansen, Berit Head Librarian +47-91128885 (mob) Library, Loan, Cataloguing
Johansen, Wenche Britt Hafsahl Head Librarian +47-22851631 Library
Kjellin, Simen Senior Librarian Library
Klouman, Ellen Secretary Library
Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen Senior Academic Librarian +47-41294973 (mob) Library, Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Toxicology, Climate and Environment, EndNote
Kristiansen, Petter André Secretary
Kuldvere, Lembi Viola Head Librarian +47-48288709 (mob) Library, Course, Subject heading indexing, Cataloguing
Kvale, Live Håndlykken Head Librarian 40047417 (mob) +47-40047417 Library, Research data managment
Lund, Mariann Senior Librarian +47-91244108 Literature search, EndNote, Library guidance, Journals, Library
Låberg, Kyrre Traavik Head Engineer +47-22855966 Library
Lönn-Stensrud, Jessica Senior Academic Librarian +47-90850391 +4790850391 (mob) Biofilm control, Bacterial communication interference, Biofilm, Research support, Quorum sensing, Microbiology
Moe, Karoline Senior Academic Librarian 41122557 (mob) +47-41122557 Library, Research support, Algebraic Geometry, Mathematics
Motzfeldt, Tove Professor Emeritus
Nesland, Gro Synnøve Senior Librarian +47-22854029 Library, Cataloguing
Porobic, Mirna Secretary Bibliotek
Pozer Bue, Edina Academic Librarian Library, geology
Rangnes, Kristin +47-22857343
Rasch, Bente Kathrine Head Librarian +47-95497497 (mob) Library, Information literacy
Rasmussen, Live Assistant Director +47-90066138 (mob) Library, Management
Rezaye-Golkar, Leyla Professor Emeritus +47-22855966
Rossow, Tone
Rustad, Brit Heidi Assisting Head of Office +47-45861350 (mob) Administration, Project management, Library
Sverdrup, Harald Ulrik Professor Emeritus +47-22856151
Sørbø, Solveig Isis Adviser +47-22852441 45095002 Library, Research support, special collections, knowledge organization, Zotero, EndNote, Events, Interdisciplinarity
Sørlie, Marit Head Librarian +47-91357651 (mob) Library, E-books, Databases, E-journals
Tennøe, Anne Caroline Thomlevold Secretary
Troldmyr, Torbjørn Head Engineer +47-95002844 (mob) Library, Local IT support
Turlotte, Chloé Senior Librarian
Viken, Jeanette Secretary Library
Villanger, Shelly Mercedes Head Librarian 91617714 (mob) +47 91617714 Library
Westby, Trude Senior Librarian +47 90784937 Library
Øren, Jonas Secretary