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Contingency plans for the University Library

Download emergency preparedness plans

What do you do in case of a crisis?

If there is an accident or a dangerous situation, call Campus Security at 228 56666, at any time of the day or night. Otherwise, call fire, police or ambulance services. 

Emergency contacts at the University Library

Title/Position Name Telephone Mobil
University Library Director (Leader) Hanne Graver Møvig 22844001 45264592
Assistant Library Director Randi Rønningen 22844272 92820545
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences Library Svein Engelstad 22844224 95144745
Assistant Director of the Science Library Live Rasmussen 22854202 90066138
Assistant Director of the Medical Library Helge Mjelde 23074424 40856670
Assistant Director of the Law Library Randi Halveg Iversby 22859491 90182818
Assistant Director of Digital Services Håvard Kolle Riis 22844080 90152636
Chief Safety Representative for UB Siw H. Pedersen 22844217  


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