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Extended Opening Hours during the exam period

Several of our libraries have extended opening hours during the exam period in November and December.

Photo: UB/Lars Lørdahl

Science Library and Humanities and Social Sciences Library
November 25–December 10

  • Monday–Friday: 8–24
  • Saturday–Sunday: 10–22

SiO is keeping Sverdrup spiseri in Georg Sverdrups hus open during day time all three weekends. 

Medical Library
November 27–December 10

The Medical Library at Rikshospitalet has these opening hours during this period:

  • Monday–Friday: 8–21
  • Saturday: 10–17

The Law Library, Learning Centre in Domus Nova
November 5–December 13

The Learning Centre in Domus Nova extends their opening hours by keeping open on sundays:

  • Monday–Friday: 8–19.45
  • Saturday–Sunday: 10–18


The Libraries are open to the general public during this period. See all Opening Hours at the University Library.

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