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Call for workshops - Research Bazaar 2020

At the University of Oslo (UiO), Research Bazaar will take place on January 8th-10th, 2020. The call for submissions is now closed and the full program is online!

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The Research Bazaar is a worldwide festival for researchers, by researchers, aimed to help make research faster, smarter and better. The focus is on digital skills and tools important for modern-day research. 

Do you know a cool and useful technology for research(ers)? Why not share it with colleagues? We are looking for you to run or contribute to a workshop at Research Bazaar 2020. The theme chosen for 2020 is: 

Research data for everyone:  
How are the things you work with data? How can you make better use of data in your research? and how can you share data?   

Who can contribute?  

Communities from all of UiO are invited to submit proposals for workshops/tutorials. These should preferably be in the style of our Carpentry@UiO workshops: hands-on, interactive, with lots of practice, rather than one-way lecturing. 

Examples of workshops/tutorials from previous years:  

  • Collaborative manuscript writing using online tools 
  • Making your computational science reproducible with containers 
  • Typesetting documents in LaTeX 
  • Getting started with Jupyter Notebook 

Target audience 

PhD candidates, young researchers and students but the event will be open for anyone interested. 

How to contribute? 

Fill out our straightforward proposal form, see below. We suggest two types of contributions: 

  1. Proposals for workshops you want to (co)organise 
  2. Ideas for workshops you need to make your research better - here we will do our best to see if you request can be accommodated 

The UiO Research Bazaar Program Committee will evaluate all proposals for category 1) and ask for clarifications or suggest improvements when necessary. We aim to accommodate all proposed workshops. The submission deadline is December 2nd. 

Please note - the text you submit here will be used on the workshop web page. 

Deadline December 2nd.

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You can also see details about the 2019 event.


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If you have questions about contributing to the Research Bazaar please contact us: 

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