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Open publishing with Wiley

As a researcher at UiO and OUS, you can publish openly with Wiley from 1st May 2019 without incurring any extra costs for you or the research group. The publication cost is covered by UiO.

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Unit, on behalf of UiO and other institutions, have recently signed an agreement that states that first authors / corresponding authors associated with UiO and OUS can publish peer-reviewed research articles openly in Wiley's pure Open Access journals and in their subscription journals (hybrid publishing). The articles are published under a CC license. The publication cost (APC) is covered by the UiO through this agreement.

What you need to do

See our guidelines on open publishing and find more information on how to publish openly with Wiley.

Reading rights are ensured

The new "Read & publish" agreement with Wiley is the first of its kind in Norway. In addition to providing open publishing for the authors in an easy way, the agreement also ensures reading rights to approximately 1500 journals.

Read more about the topic

Read the article from 15th March with a link to the press release from the Ministry of Education and Research.

Published Apr. 30, 2019 10:34 AM - Last modified June 25, 2019 12:29 PM