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Quotas for free publication used up for 2020

This year's publishing quotas in the "Publish and Read"-agreements with Wiley, Taylor & Francis and Springer are soon used up. Open access is ensured by self-archiving to DUO via Cristin.

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Self-archiving of articles meets the requirement for open publication. Illustration photo:

In 2019, UiO entered into "Publish and read"-agreements with the publishers Wiley, Taylor & Francis and Springer. The agreements mean that researchers at UiO and OUS can publish openly in journals from these publishers, at no direct cost to the individual researcher / research group. However, the agreements do not involve unlimited open publication, but have an escalation model (quotas) towards 100% during the agreement periods.

Publication through these agreements will therefore stop when the quotas have been reached, and will be resumed as of 1.1.2021. The estimated time for when the various agreements will stop is:

  • Wiley – as of 11 September (negotiations with publisher are in progress)

  • Taylor & Francis – as of 11 September 

  • Springer – mid-October 

Self-archiving meets requirements from research funders

The requirement from research funders for open access to research results can be made by researchers uploading the version of the article that the publisher / journal allows to Cristin, and subsequently making it available in the DUO Knowledge Archive.

Authors can cover open publication costs themselves

It will still be possible to publish in the journals of Wiley, Taylor & Francis and Springer, also in the traditional subscription journals (hybrid). These will from now on be published behind a payment wall unless the author himself covers the cost of open publication.

Already accepted articles will published open access as part of the agreements.

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You can find more information about the agreements here:

Read Self-archiving in DUO via Cristin

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