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No online access to the Health Research Premium Collection

The ProQuest Health Research Premium Collection journal package is no longer available after April 1, 2020. At UiO and OUS, we have had access to this journal package through the Health Library.

For 2020, cuts in the Health Library's services affects the journal package Health Research Premium Collection from ProQuest. The package contains over 4000 journals and covers a wide range of topics in both medicine and health care as well as other disciplines.

Many of the titles in the package will still be available through other sources, but some titles will be inaccessible. UB is working to identify the extent of this and what measures to implement.

If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact

What is the Health Library?

The Health Library is part of the Public Health Institute and receives its funds from the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The Health Library provides access to medical databases and journals through national agreements, and UiO and OUS have access to various resources through these agreements.

Since 2016, the Health Library has had financial challenges due to price increases on purchased resources and a weak Norwegian krone. This has resulted in cuts in their services. Read more about the cuts at the Health Library.

Published Apr. 1, 2020 11:56 AM - Last modified Apr. 1, 2020 3:26 PM