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New advisory service in research data management

The University Library's Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) has launched a new service for advice and guidance on how to write data management plans and data management in general.

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As a researcher at the University of Oslo you are required to create a data management plan (DMP) for your project. Good data management practices support transparency, quality, reproducibility, and good workflow in a project. This is a topic that is starting to get increased attention, especially because of its importance in supporting the movement towards Open Research.

Book an appointment for advice on research data management

The Digital Scholarship Center at the University Library (DSC) is now able to provide advice, guidance, and training in research data management. We can help you meet the data management requirements of the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Research Council, Horizon Europe, and other important funding bodies.

You can book an appointment with the DSC using our booking service by first selecting “Digital Scholarship Center” followed by a date and time that works for you. If you are unable to find a suitable time, or prefer to contact us directly, you can contact your local librarian or send us an e-mail at

What is research data management?

Research data management is an important part of our efforts toward supporting Open Research. Important topics in data management include choosing a suitable storage solution, file organization, creating metadata, providing appropriate documentation, preservation, sharing, and dissemination. A data management plan must be delivered at the start and the end of projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Horizon Europe, and many other funding organisations.

Information on the Library’s Digital Scholarship Center

Since 2019, the University Library has been working to create a Digital Scholarship Center (DSC), similar to those that can be found in many universities internationally. The Center, which is still developing its portfolio, will provide support for a variety of digital research activities, such as data management, visualization, and digital skills development (i.e. programming, use of tools, etc.). DSC is a collaboration with the UiO Research and Innovation Administration Department and IT Department. 

The services is provided by the University of Oslo Library's Digital Scholarship Center.

Find out more about data management plans at UiO

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