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Quotas for free publication in 2021

This year, all publishing agreements with publishing quotas, with the exception of one, will be continued throughout the year. The agreement with Frontiers will expire with effect from 1 October.

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UiO has entered into several "Publish and read"-agreements with the larger publishers such as Wiley and Elsevier. The agreements mean that researchers at UiO and OUS can publish openly in journals from these publishers, at no direct cost to the individual researcher / research group. However, the agreements do not involve unlimited open publication, but have an escalation model (quotas) towards 100% during the agreement periods. Last Autumn several of the agreements stopped, as the quotas for free publication were used up.

Articles published beyond the quota for 2021 will be covered

This year, articles published beyond the quota will be covered, and the agreements won't stop as we experienced last year. For Springer Compact, Taylor & Francis and Wiley, the opportunity of open publishing and cost coverage of publishing fees (APC) will continue throughout 2021. UB covers the additional costs of publishing beyond the quotas in the agreements due to reallocations in the media budget. Other agreements have sufficient quotas or unlimited publication.


UB entered an agreement on cost coverage of APC with the pure Open Access publisher Frontiers, as of 1st March this year. The agreement has been financed by UB's share of STIM-OA funds for 2020, among other things. The budget quota for this agreement has now been used up for this year, with effect from 1st October. Frontiers will then remove the possibility of choosing UiO as the payer of the invoice when the author submits his article. Submitted articles before 1st October will be covered by the agreement. When the agreement expires, we will also lose the 10% discount on APC. We hope to find funds in the budget to be able to start up the Frontiers agreement again in January 2022.

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