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UB reopens for students from 18 February

The UiO libraries reopen on Thursday for everyone with an access card and code. Study places must be booked in advance.

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Study seat reservations opens 17 February

Due to the corona situation, you must reserve seats in most study rooms, study places and group rooms. This is done in TP: Room booking.

Opening hours

You can find the opening hours for the various libraries on this page.

Access with card and code 

UiO students and employees have access to the buildings with an access card and code during normal opening hours. 

Staff at the Oslo University Hospital and students who have an OUS ID card, have access to the Medical library with their OUS card and code.

Borrowers who are not students or employees at UiO

External users do not have access to the library, but can return borrowed material in the goods reception at Georg Sverdrup's house weekdays between 9-16.

Infection control is still important

  • Stay home if you have symptoms of illness
  • Remember to wash your hands
  • Keep 1 meter away from others
  • Use a face mask when it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 meter
  • Do not move the chairs. They have been placed to ensure appropriate distance between users.

Welcome back!

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