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How do I borrow books, when is it open, do you have a copier, and how can I get free access to my syllabus? Here are the answers to everything you know you need to know.

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How do I borrow books?

Use your student card! Student card = library card = copy card, so it is a good idea to get your student card fast.

When is the library open?

The opening hours can be found here. You can access some of the libraries using your student card, outside staffed opening hours.

Who can use the University Library, to study and borrow books?

The libraries are open to everyone, and as a student at UiO you have the library card included in your student card. Many of the study seats must be booked in advance, via TP. Booking is only open to UiO students.

Do you lend the syllabus?

The libraries have textbooks for loan. Some syllabi have a 2-week loan period, so put yourself on a waiting list if the book is already on loan.

From the autumn semester 2021, you will be able to find syllabus for almost all subjects at UiO in the online tool Leganto. You will find the list for your subject in the Canvas room, or on the semester page under ‘Curriculum / literature in Leganto’ on UiO's website.

Can I print in the library?

Yes. The student card is what you use to activate the printers.

How do I find books?

At you can search the University Library's printed and electronic collections, find textbooks, electronic articles and much more. You get automatic access to electronic resources, and if you log in, you can reserve and order books and manage your own loans and orders. Login in Oria is done with Feide, with the same username and password as otherwise at UiO.

Where do I return books?

Books can be returned to any of our departments. Here you find the addresses.

When do I have to return my books?

All loans are automatically renewed, unless they are reserved by someone else.

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The University Library's departments are open to students, staff and everyone else. With us you can study, meet friends, find literature, attend events and much more.

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Welcome, we hope you feel at home! 

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