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How can researchers at UiO and OUS publish openly and free of charge?

The Publish and Read agreements make it possible for researchers to publish openly and at the same time completely free of charge. This article tells you how to proceed.

Photo of Daniel Kalvø and Stine Marie Brasjø with a skeleton.

Daniel Kalvø and Stine Marie Brasjø posing with "Beinbjørg" at the Medical Library during Open Access week 2019. Photo: Nikolai Vågnes / UiO

Publish and Read agreements

  • From 1 January 2021, the Research Council of Norway (RCN) will update the general terms and conditions for R&D projects with a requirement that all scientific articles be made openly available immediately, and that all articles have an open license.

    The new conditions will apply to projects that are awarded support on the basis of applications sent to the RCNl from and including 1 January 2021.

  • With the Publish and Read agreements, researchers at UiO and Oslo University Hospital (OUS) can meet the requirements of Plan S, NFR and EU for open, accessible articles.

  • The agreements contain an annual quota of articles where the publication costs, "Article Processing Charges" (APC), are covered for researchers.
  • Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and Taylor & Francis are some of the publishers where there are agreements, for more publishers and details about included journals, see the page about Publishing deals and discounts.

Questions and answers:

Our experts Karin Ytterlid and Stine Marie Barsjø from the Open Access team at the University of Oslo Library answers the researchers most frequently asked questions:

As a co-author, can I publish through the agreements?

Photo of Karin Ytterlid.
Karin Ytterlid. Photo: UiO.

No, for the agreement to apply, the corresponding author must be from UiO or OUS. It does not hold to be listed as the corresponding author in the article, the same person must also be responsible for the actual submission of the article to the journal.

How do publishers know if I can publish through the agreements?

When submitting the article, you choose which institution you are affiliated with. We encourage you to use the email address of your institution, not gmail or hotmail addresses if you can avoid it.

Photo of Stine Marie Barsjø
Stine Marie Barsjø. Photo: UiO.

How is it solved if I have several affiliations? 

Then it is important that you choose UiO or OUS when the article is submitted for the first time. If you have the opportunity to register several institutions, register UiO or OUS first.

Now that the quotas have been used up for more agreements, can I postpone the publication until next year and thus get the APC covered?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. It is the time when the article is accepted that determines whether it comes within the agreement. The exception is Elsevier where the submitted date applies, and for this agreement we have not yet used up the quota.

Do I meet the requirements of Plan S by publishing in a hybrid journal? 

Yes, if the journal in question is part of a Publish and Read agreement and the author publishes openly in this, then it meets the requirement.

Do I have to pay for the APC first and then ask for it to be refunded?

No, through the agreements the author will not receive an invoice. The cost of open publishing is automatically deducted from the quota we have with the publisher in question. If an author has received an invoice from one of the publishers where we have a Publish and Read agreement, then contact us.

Where can I find information about the agreements? 

Go to UB's information page about the agreements. Please note that not all agreements include OUS employees. Some agreements are memberships where UiO pays a membership fee for its employees. An example of such a membership is BioMed Central.

What do I do if the agreement does not cover the full APC?

For some of the agreements the full APC is not covered, but a discount is given. The remaining amount must be covered by the author.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to send an email to:

Join our digital presentation "OA publisering og lisenser" on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 3:00 PM on Skype for Business. The presentation will be held by Ivana Malovic and Daniel Kalvø, the target group is researchers at OUS and the language is Norwegian. No registration, follow the Skype link to the event.

For researchers at UiO who want a similar presentation, or a presentation in English: please contact the Medical Library.

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