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Cochrane Interactive Learning and Covidence

Are you conducting systematic reviews? Then we recommend the online course Cochrane Interactive Learning and the tool Covidence. Read more about both products and how you can get access. 

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Cochrane Interactive Learning

Cochrane Interactive Learning is an interactive online course in the process of conducting systematic reviews. The main target groups are researchers and PhD students in medicine and health, but it is also available to staff and other students at UiO and OUS.

Course content

The course consists of 11 modules:

  1. Introduction to conducting systematic reviews
  2. Writing the review protocol
  3. Searching for studies
  4. Selecting studies and collecting data
  5. Introduction to study quality and risk of bias
  6. Analysing the data
  7. Interpreting the findings
  8. Reporting the review
  9. Introduction to health economics
  10. Network meta-analysis
  11. Health equity in systematic reviews

Each module takes between 45 and 120 minutes and ends with a test. Module 1 is free, the rest require a subscription which is provided by UiO.

How do I get access?

Students and staff at the University of Oslo (UiO) and Oslo University Hospital (OUS) can register to get access. Find out how to register for access.


Covidence is an online tool that allows two or more people to screen references independently. In addition to screening of titles and abstracts (step 1), and full-text screening (step 2), Covidence can be used for data extraction and critical assessment of methodological quality (risk of bias assessment). In the video below you get an overview of the functions in Covidence.

How do I get access?

The University of Oslo (UiO) has a Covidence institutional license. Students and staff at UiO and Oslo University Hospital (OUS) can create an unlimited number of reviews in Covidence. On the Covidence support pages, you will find more detailed information, as well as instructions on how to create an account or link your existing account to UiO's license.

Systematic reviews

Read more about systematic reviews.

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