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Publishing: 5 tips from the library

Here are our tips on how to publish openly so that your research can be read by everyone.

1. Does the journal have an Open Access scheme?

Padlock on yellow background.There are journals where all articles are freely available online (Gold OA), while other journals are subscription based, where individual articles can be made openly available (hybrid OA). Both require an APC (Article Processing Charg). There are also journals that do not require payment for publication and reading (Diamond OA).

Search the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers > advanced search > type in the name of the journal.

You will find links to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) or Sherpa Romeo which provides information on Open Access status, payment and license terms for the journal. The Unit symbol shows Norwegian publishing agreements.

2. Find UiO's publishing deals and discounts

Money symbol on turquoise background.UiO and OUS have publishing agreements that give you a discount on APC (Article Processing Charge), or free publication of your article. With the major publishers, such as Elsevier, Wiley and Taylor & Francis, publishing is covered through the agreements.


3. Self-archiving

File symbol on purple background.Self-archiving is a requirement at UiO. This applies regardless of whether you publish Open Access or not. By self-archiving, you also follow national guidelines for open access to scientific articles, as well as requirements from the EU and the Research Council of Norway. Upload your article to the DUO knowledge archive via Cristin.

4. Keep your AAM version

CC logo on blue background.Most people want to self-archive the publisher's version of the article. To ensure this, it is advisable to have a Creative Commons license on your article. If the publisher does not allow you to self-archive the published version, you must use AAM (author's accepted manuscript), also known as postprint. That is, the accepted peer-reviewed version of the manuscript, before the publisher's proofreading and layout is set. You should therefore always keep the AAM version of the article

5. Ask us, we can help you

Contact symbols om pink background.You can find everything about publishing, self-archiving, agreements and discounts on our Open Access pages.

If you have any questions, please email us:

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