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Meråpent at the HumSam Library

We are introducing meråpent library in Georg Sverdrups hus on certain times of the week from Monday September 7.  Meråpent library (More Open Library) means that the library is unstaffed, and the building is closed, but you can access with your UiO student- or staff card. 

Bildet kan inneholde: arkitektur, offentlig område, tre, urbant område, menneskelig bosetting.
Photo: UiO/Anders Lien

The Library will be open for the same number of hours as before, but it will be unstaffed and require a UiO student- or staff card to access at certain times of the week. External users without a card are welcome to stay after the door closes.  
A security guard will be present during the meråpent periods.

New Opening Hours


  • Open 08-18
  • Meråpent: 18-22

Saturday and Sunday:

  • Open 10-14
  • Meråpent 14-18

Opening Hours for the Library Desk

The library desk is staffed from 10-18 on weekdays, and 10-14 on Saturday and Sunday.

Why meråpent Library?

The corona situation makes our service operation more unpredictable than it usually is, so this change in our opening hours are due to a shortage of staff resources that makes it difficult to staff the library throughout the day.

Published Sep. 7, 2020 2:59 PM - Last modified Sep. 7, 2020 4:41 PM