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Access medical textbooks from home with ClinicalKey Student

Access more than 250 medical textbooks with ClinicalKey Student. The University of Oslo has trial access for product testing until the end of May 2020.

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ClinicalKey Student from Elsevier.

The trial access for product testing lasts until the end of May. We do not have access to ClinicalKey Student from June 1st 2020.

What is ClinicalKey Student?

ClincalKey Student is an interactive education platform from Elsevier that supports students and faculty by enhancing the learning experience with tools tailored to develop and assess the medical knowledge of aspiring professionals. You can access:

  • 250 textbooks
  • 850 videos
  • 85 000 pictures
  • 15 000 clinical summaries

Study smart with Study tools

ClinicalKey Student has a Study Tool module that makes it possible to store bookmarks, highlighting, adding notes etc. It is possible to share these with other students using ClinicalKey. Students and teachers can also create tasks that can be shared with others.

Download ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf

You can download the ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf app from iOS and Android app stores to read, make notes and work offline in Study tools. You must be connected to Eduroam when downloadinng the app.

How to get access:

Access requires that you create a personal user and log on.

  • Students and employees at UiO may register from home.
  • Employees at OUS (Oslo University Hospital) must be connected to the OUS network when they register.

Register here

Support materials:

Video guides:

We want your feedback!

Have you tried ClinicalKey Student? We would like to get your opinion on it. Please send us an e-mail with you feedback:


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