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Persons 176 - 200 of 242
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Liv Ringstrøm Ringstrøm, Liv Executive Officer +47-23074417 Library, Loan
Picture of Christine Rostgaard Rostgaard, Christine Adviser +47-22844004 Library, Alma, Oria
Picture of Brit Heidi Rustad Rustad, Brit Heidi Assisting Head of Office +47-45861350 Administration, Project management, Library
Picture of May Hege Rygel Rygel, May Hege Hovedbibliotekar +47-22857454 +47-91522232 +47-96710688 Bibliotek
Rype, Stian Tveit Secretary Bibliotek, Library
Picture of Randi Rønningen Rønningen, Randi Assistant Director +47-22844272 +47-92820545 Library, Administrative management, Health, safety and environment Health, safety and environment (HSE), Financial management
Picture of Kristian Roberto Salcedo Salcedo, Kristian Roberto Senior Engineer +47-22858114 +47-47347533 Library, DUO, Application management
Picture of Marianne Samuel Samuel, Marianne Adviser +47-22857143 +47-98036651 98036651 Library, Web publishing, Web editor
Picture of Ann Kristin Sannes Sannes, Ann Kristin Executive Officer +47-22857171 Loan, Library
Picture of Ingerid Schive-Nielsen Schive-Nielsen, Ingerid Head Librarian +47-22857851 Literature search, Library, Teaching, Information literacy, Courses, Web publishing
Picture of Runhild Seim Seim, Runhild Adviser +47-22844210 Library, Events, Communication, social media
Shekobe B, Muisha Rodrig Secretary +47-22844050
Picture of Lasse Skage Skage, Lasse Senior Librarian +47-22852195 Library, Alma, Aquisition, Library guidance
Picture of Therese Skagen Skagen, Therese Head Librarian +47-93805142 Library, Administrative management, Information literacy, Courses
Picture of Rune Skjerven Skjerven, Rune Executive Officer +47-22844095 Library
Picture of Anne-Gry Skonnord Skonnord, Anne-Gry +47 22856980 +47 95177689 Library, Alma, Oria, Administrative management
Picture of Anne-Gry Skonnord Skonnord, Anne-Gry Section Manager +47-22856980 Library
Picture of Randi Skram Skram, Randi Senior Engineer +47 22844214 Local IT support, Library
Skytte Af Sätra, Jenny Marie Secretary Library
Smedsrud, Marthe Emmeline Secretary Library
Picture of Signy Rose Soelberg Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47-22852192 45243100 +47 45243100 Web publishing, Loan, EndNote, Library, Literature search, Courses, Reference Manager
Picture of Elin Stangeland Stangeland, Elin Adviser +47-22844020 Library, Open Access, Open Science, DUO
Picture of Lene Steen Steen, Lene Sekretær Library
Picture of Karin Steffner Steffner, Karin Senior Librarian +47-22857155 Library, Academic supervision
Storchi, Elisa Senior Librarian +47-22844329 Library