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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Line Nybakk Akerholt Akerholt, Line Nybakk Head Librarian +47 22856522 +47 95880018 +4795880018
Picture of Yasar Ari Ari, Yasar Higher Executive Officer +47 93093717
Picture of Dag Backer Backer, Dag Senior Engineer +47-22857854 +47-97114521
Picture of Gjermund Bergaust Bergaust, Gjermund Executive Officer +47 22852193
Picture of Liv Brenna Brenna, Liv Senior Librarian +47 23074426
Picture of Edel Ann Bøhn Bøhn, Edel Ann Higher Executive Officer +47 91784286
Picture of Anne Båum Båum, Anne Adviser +47 23074409
Picture of Ellen Christophersen Christophersen, Ellen Head Librarian +47 23074428
Picture of Christina Eide Eide, Christina Secretary
Picture of Hilde I Flaatten Flaatten, Hilde I Senior Librarian +47 23074422
Picture of Tone Charlotte Gadmar Gadmar, Tone Charlotte Senior Academic Librarian
Gjone-Ring, Aurora Secretary
Picture of Matthew Good Good, Matthew Senior Academic Librarian
Picture of Thomas Gramstad Gramstad, Thomas Secretary +47 22852546 48176875 (E-mail preferred)
Picture of Maria Hammerstrøm Hammerstrøm, Maria Executive Officer
Picture of Kirsten Borse Haraldsen Haraldsen, Kirsten Borse Senior Academic Librarian +47 90688254
Hauge, Eirill Strand Secretary
Picture of Dan Michael Heggø Heggø, Dan Michael Academic Librarian +47 90207510 +47-90207510
Henden, Thomas Works Technician +47 22851690
Picture of Toril Marie Hestnes Hestnes, Toril Marie Senior Librarian +47 22117591
Picture of Linn Katrine Hirsti Hirsti, Linn Katrine Head Librarian
Hoel, Ole Andreas Secretary +47 22851645
Høydalsvik, Markus Naggum Secretary
Høyås, Trine Secretary
Picture of Marie Susanna Isachsen Isachsen, Marie Susanna Senior Librarian +47 23027081