Dan Michael Heggø

Academic Librarian - Library of medicine and science
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Mobile phone +47 90207510 +47-90207510
Room 225
Visiting address Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus Moltke Moes vei 35 0851 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1063 Blindern 0316 OSLO

I'm 80 % on leave until June 2021, so my physical presence is a bit limited, but I'm available on e-mail.

Tasks performed


B.Sc in chemistry from University of Bergen (2008), M.Sc. in physics/materials science from University of Oslo (2012). Two years of library experience from working as a student library assistant at the Science Library.



  • Huurdeman, Hugo Christian; Aamodt, Josephine Jeanette Mikaela; Låberg, Kyrre Traavik & Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen (2018). The collection in a new light – Towards visual exploration and navigation of academic library resources. The international information & library review.  ISSN 1057-2317.  s 1- 18 . doi: 10.1080/10572317.2018.1491704 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Huurdeman, Hugo Christian; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Aamodt, Josephine Jeanette Mikaela (2018). "More than Meets the Eye" - Analyzing the Success of User Queries in Oria. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, NORIL.  ISSN 1890-5900.  10(1), s 18- 36 . doi: 10.15845/noril.v10i1.270 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary

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  • Akerholt, Line Nybakk & Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen (2019). Mangfold i samlingene - tverrfaglig forskningsstøtte og formidling. Show summary
  • Knutsen, Unni; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Hoff, Karoline; Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen; Kuldvere, Lembi Viola & Lundetræ, Vibeke Stockinger (2019). Mapping for sluttbrukertjenester : sluttrapport.
  • Knutsen, Unni; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Hoff, Karoline & Lundetræ, Vibeke Stockinger (2019). Still crazy after all these years : DDC mapping in discovery systems.
  • Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen (2018). Alma letters under (version) control. Show summary
  • Haraldsen, Kirsten Borse; Huurdeman, Hugo Christian; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Låberg, Kyrre Traavik (2017). Symbiose: Endosymbiosis - the theory presented on a touch table. Digital presentasjon. Show summary
  • Sørbø, Solveig Isis; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen (2017). Looping taxonomies: adapting to new demands of interdisciplinarity in semi-private research environments. Show summary
  • Turlotte, Chloè; Gadmar, Tone Charlotte; Haraldsen, Kirsten Borse; Kristensen, Solveig; Rustad, Brit Heidi; Snickare, Lotta Karin; Vaalund, Anne; Vibe, Anne-Mette; Alm, Merethe; Enoksen, Eva Holthe; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Hirsti, Linn Katrine; Lindgaard, Gro Synnøve Nesland; Sørbø, Solveig Isis; Kjellin, Simen; Hammerstrøm, Maria; Moe, Torgunn Karoline & Sverdrup, Ulrik (2017). DAMER! 100 år med kvinner i realfagene ved UiO. Show summary
  • Knutsen, Unni & Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen (2016). Mapping to WebDewey : knowledge organization in a rough terrain.
  • Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen (2015). Utilizing the Alma Bibs API to create new workflows for indexers / subject cataloguers (like myself). Show summary
  • Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Låberg, Kyrre Traavik; Akerholt, Line Nybakk; Kvale, Live & Hammerstrøm, Maria (2015). 245 $a Scriptoteket.
  • Knutsen, Unni; Seland, Grete; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Gulbrandsen, Are Dag (2015). På vei mot en generell norsk tesaurus? : delprosjekt Metodikk for mapping av Humord mot WebDewey : Rapport.
  • Ohren, Oddrun; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Hougaard, Berit Sonja; Johnsen, Lars; Knutsen, Unni; Kuldvere, Lembi Viola; Lundetræ, Vibeke Stockinger; Lundevall, Mari; Rydland, Kirsten; Rype, Ingebjørg & Tjelta, Torstein (2015). En norsk generell tesaurus?.
  • Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Alvik, Lars Jynge (2014). Wikidata: struktur og autoritetsregistre møter Wikipedias frie dugnad.
  • Kuldvere, Lembi Viola; Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen; Lundevall, Mari; Flatby, Ellen M. Samdahl; Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen & Låberg, Kyrre Traavik (2014). Felles terminologi for klassifikasjon med Dewey. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Heggø, Dan Michael Olsen & Løvvik, Ole Martin (2012). Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of phosphorus diffusion in silicon.

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